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The ROI of Engagement Alliance (ROIE Alliance) consists of companies and associations that are committed to improving levels of engagement in the workplace, and consequently creating greater success in the marketplace.

We share a common belief that business success can be improved through the skillful design, confident deployment and competent execution of incentives, meetings, events, training, rewards, recognition, business theater, loyalty programs and more. We embrace the premise that measurement completes the program cycle and builds the business case for these investments.

ROIE Alliance Partners bring ROI workshops, case studies, white papers, webinars, consulting and ROI evaluation to clients in an effort to educate them and help them defend, justify and continuously improve their programs.


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Marketing Innovators International, Inc. (MI), is a leading provider of performance management technologies and service. The first joint project is a white paper, “Survey Reveals Gaps and Opportunities in Employee Engagement Measures” that illustrates the status of measurement in the HR field and the barriers organizations face in measuring ROI.

Want to know more about the benefits of bringing credible ROI measurement to clients and the powerful competitive edge it provides? Request the white paper “The Power of ROI Measurement in Business Development.” Email info at