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Engaging Best Practices to Drive Performance

In today’s business landscape there is an increasing connection between a company’s financial performance and its overall ability to recruit, engage and retain its employees.

This issue of Premium Incentive Products looks at how to engage employees and build an internal brand through reward and recognition programs.

Today’s most innovative companies are driving performance by aligning their external brand with their internal brand: people. No longer is this a “nice to do” equation that factors into business success. It is an essential component of success.

“It is critical for companies to embrace employee engagement and people performance quality within their organizations,” said Michelle Smith, vice president of business development at O.C. Tanner, and president of the Forum for People, Performance and Measurement, during a recent radio interview on Voice America. “Especially in these turbulent times and in this very tough economy, the very best way to improve your customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and revenues is to make sure that you have a fully engaged employee workforce.”

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Engaging Best Practices to Drive Performance