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The Value of Engagement

The evaluation of engagement has evolved over several decades and generally involves three major categories of research. Beginning with a logical analysis, research has moved to exploring relationships between engagement and other variables, and then View article

Perfecting Your Survey Design

Are you setting out to conduct a needs analysis before developing or revising a program? Looking to evaluate a program being offered in your organization? Seeking to understand the satisfaction or needs of your organization’s View article

Motivation Show

In between the ultimate return-on-investment measures for attendees and exhibitors lay an analysis of each of the components of the event and the participants’ evaluation of their respective value. View article

Elements of Technology and Success in Virtual Teams

Virtual teams are the future and the future is now! Virtual teams are receiving high attention because they constitute new way of working. Characteristics of virtual teams, such as the maturity curve, the advantages and disadvantages are presented, along with the basic rules to follow in building successful virtual teams.

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Engaging and motivating employees through rewards

Effective reward is not just about raising salaries, but about finding the right reward programs for the strategic direction of your business and your unique work culture. What level of total reward can your business afford? How do you compare to your competitors?  How can you focus your staff on the organization’s must win battles?  How can you better engage your organization?  How can you better attract and retain talent?

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