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Commentary: Engaging employees improves performance

How can you improve employee engagement? Findings from a recent study of top-performing companies conducted by consulting firm Watson Wyatt provide important clues about how agencies can use organizational communication to engage employees and align them with organizational goals.

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Looking Toward Recovery: Realigning Rewards and Re-Engaging Employees

The recession has had widespread and unprecedented impact on U.S. employers and their employees. While the worst might be over, companies need to be prepared for the effects to linger even after the economy recovers. The scope and number of actions employers have taken in response to the economic crisis have resulted in a drop in employee engagement (particularly among top-performing employees), and this could have a long-lasting and detrimental impact on productivity, quality and customer service.

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Most employees are just going through the motions

It is time for a new social contract between employers and employees.

Chances are, if your organization is like many others described in recent studies, half of your workers are doing just enough to get by, 25 percent are totally turned off and only one quarter are usefully engaged in building your organization and helping to meet your goals.

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Employee Engagement Can’t Thrive on Bonuses Alone

After years of a prolonged boom in the financial services industry, things came crashing down late last year when firm after firm were either acquired or went to the government for bailouts. According to new research from ORC Guideline, 350,000 jobs could disappear from financial services in 2009, not counting the 200,000 lost in 2008.

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Employee Engagement – ROI Before the RIOT

Ten years ago, if we had been told that measurably highly committed employees are more productive, sell more quality conscious, have longer tenure, miss less work, make fewer mistakes, and get better customer service ratings; what would we have said?

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Employee Engagement and the Service-Profit Chain

New Research underscores the importance of “engaging employees” in their jobs and companies as a way to foster high productivity, high morale and excellent customer service. Increasingly, companies are innovating on the traditional employee opinion survey and moving beyond simple measurement of employee satisfaction. More than ever, companies are measuring the extent to which employees are “engaged” as the best indicator of employee health.

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The Value and ROI in Employee Recognition

Bonuses, incentives, rewards and recognition
are making headlines today—for all the wrong
reasons. Pulled into the current emotional
environment, these proven organizational performance
tools have become the focus of a
one-sided media critique that overshadows or
ignores their value.

Bonuses, incentives, rewards and recognition are making headlines today—for all the wrong reasons. Pulled into the current emotional environment, these proven organizational performance tools have become the focus of a one-sided media critique that overshadows or ignores their value.

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