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The Effects Of Employee Engagement Programs

We live in an era that values immediate satisfaction. Drive-through employees are docked for taking too many seconds to provide a hot, cheap meal. We don’t even have to spend time driving to a movie theater or rental store these days – we can stream nearly any entertainment we want from the web or order it directly from our TV. Yet, even in this interconnected era, certain things are better when they’re done slowly and thoroughly. Employee engagement is one of those items.

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Employee engagement is good for the bottom line

The US Bureau of Labor Department forecasts in 2010 there could be ten million more jobs available than there are available employees to fill them in the US. So it is not surprising that Greg Ziols, Chair of Vistage, the world’s largest CEO membership organization, cites “recruiting and retaining employees in a tight labor market.” to be the most significant trend impacting business today.

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Strategy and Accountability in Employee Engagement

Building company-wide accountability is a key element to making a business sustainable over a long period of time. Not surprisingly, all high-performing organizations are moving toward more empowerment, enlightenment — and building their own organizational accountability.

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Redefining ROI – 1to1 Guest Blog

With all of today’s financial pressures, everyone wants to show return on investment. The problem is, not everything has an easily measured ROI. More specifically, since ROI is actually a financial measure, sometimes–many times–what we really need to be satisfied with is simply measureable results. Consider my recent conference experience…

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