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Process Improvement Management

This is a Series of informational papers developed by Keane to share knowledge on specific outsourcing issues that should be considered in today’s business environment. This paper covers the topic of process improvement management in an offshore environment and is the third document in the series.

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Design for Integrated Work

Knoll has introduced a new conceptual model of workspace that can be used to help organizations improve their performance. This model can be used to optimize space and furnishings to support different work modes, and movement of people and flow of work among those modes.

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Strategy-Driven Talent Management

Talent management is arguably one of the most important topic areas in organizations today. Although there has always been an emphasis both in industrial – organizational (I – O) psychology and among human resource (HR) professionals in identifying, selecting, developing, and retaining the best and the brightest people, as Rob Silzer and Ben E. Dowell note in their Preface, we truly have entered the age of strategic talent.

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