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Incentive & Reward Programs

The Corporate Incentive and Rewards’ division of Sportsnet Holidays is based solely around creating Sports and Experiential Incentive travel opportunities, offering you and your employees the chance to witness first hand some of the major sporting and travel events around the globe.

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Tax Considerations for Incentive Programs

The federal income tax considerations for incentive programs are often overlooked. While it is difficult to give technical tax advice that would apply equally to all incentive programs, following certain general income tax principles can make an incentive program more successful and avoid unpleasant surprises. Published by: National Association for Employee Recognition

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Post-Hoc Measurement and Outcome-Based Measures – Measuring the ROI of Sales Incentive Programs

This paper summarizes two basic ROI measurement methodologies using case studies from companies that have implemented measurable sales incentive programs in the past, and offers insights into understanding the data requirements relative to these two methodologies. It explains that Post-Hoc Measurement is essentially the use of field experimentation using historical data, while Outcome-Based Measures considers such areas as accounts receivable and inventory levels that can be affected by sales improvements.  Published by: Incentive Research Foundation

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