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2010 UnTrends in Engagement

Now that I have had a chance to assimilate all the 2010 predictions made by all the self-proclaimed pundits, I thought it would be interesting to weigh in on what won’t happen in 2010. Predictions View article

Employee Engagement – ROI Before the RIOT

Ten years ago, if we had been told that measurably highly committed employees are more productive, sell more quality conscious, have longer tenure, miss less work, make fewer mistakes, and get better customer service ratings; what would we have said?

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The Value and ROI in Employee Recognition

Bonuses, incentives, rewards and recognition
are making headlines today—for all the wrong
reasons. Pulled into the current emotional
environment, these proven organizational performance
tools have become the focus of a
one-sided media critique that overshadows or
ignores their value.

Bonuses, incentives, rewards and recognition are making headlines today—for all the wrong reasons. Pulled into the current emotional environment, these proven organizational performance tools have become the focus of a one-sided media critique that overshadows or ignores their value.

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Post-Hoc Measurement and Outcome-Based Measures – Measuring the ROI of Sales Incentive Programs

This paper summarizes two basic ROI measurement methodologies using case studies from companies that have implemented measurable sales incentive programs in the past, and offers insights into understanding the data requirements relative to these two methodologies. It explains that Post-Hoc Measurement is essentially the use of field experimentation using historical data, while Outcome-Based Measures considers such areas as accounts receivable and inventory levels that can be affected by sales improvements.  Published by: Incentive Research Foundation

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