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Daniel Pink Speaks About Employee Motivation

Daniel Pink’s amazing keynote talk from Dwell on Design 2009 in Los Angeles. Daniel spoke about 40 years of research that shows that our traditional approach to motivation – the approach that people respond to rewards and punishment and that if you want them achieve at a higher level you offer them a carrot or threaten them with a stick—is not right, and these typical approaches of the typical business in North America don’t work. Daniel spoke about the fact that the people and the organizations that really flourish prize autonomy, the sense of doing something out of self-direction rather than being pushed by somebody else—the sense of mastery, which is the desire to get better and better and better at something, and also the sense of purpose, which is about doing something that outlasts yourself, in the service of a cause larger than oneself. He relates these ideas about motivation to building since he feels that these three keys to true motivation are strongly embodied by architects and designers.

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