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Learn how to apply the ROI Methodology™ to a program in your own organization by attending a ROI Certification Workshop. In the five-day workshop you will learn how to:

  • Calculate the ROI of a program
  • Enhance program results and improve ROI
  • Translate both tangible and intangible benefits into monetary values
  • Measure the contribution engagement and other programs
  • Determine data collection timing and methods
  • Choose appropriate strategies for isolating the effects of programs
  • Sustain the measurement and evaluation process on a continued basis
  • Calculate or estimate the value of an improvement
  • Apply simple statistical tools to data analysis

Once you have mastered the skills from the workshop, you will measure ROI of an initiative in your organization. You will be provided access to literally dozens of helpful planning tools and be invited to join the ROI Institute LinkedIn group where you can collaborate with peers. Throughout the process you will receive ongoing support and coaching from ROI experts.

Once you have demonstrated competency in applying the ROI MethodologyTM through submission of your impact study, you will earn the Certified ROI Professional (CRP) designation.

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Learn how to apply the ROI MethodologyTM with a special emphasis on recognition programs. This workshop focuses on building the business case for recognition programs of all kinds and reveals how to use the findings to defend current programs and justify future initiatives. In this one day workshop you will learn how to:

  • Link engagement objectives to business results
  • Identify ways to collect data
  • Learn methods to isolate impact
  • Identify total costs of a program
  • Identify intangible benefits
  • Translate benefits into monetary values
  • Calculate ROI and present findings to leadership
  • Enhance future program results and improve ROI
  • Sustain the measurement and evaluation process on a continued basis

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for anyone involved in the design and/or fulfillment of performance improvement initiatives and includes a focus on incentives, meetings, rewards, recognition and loyalty programs.

Why Attend?

The knowledge you gain will allow you to intelligently assess the benefits of using the methodology in your workplace. Your ability to speak the language of business and results measurement will enable you to discuss implementation opportunities in a credible way.

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ROI of Engagement Webinar Series begins March, 2010 and continues monthly through 2010. Topics include aligning objectives, isolating impact, converting data to money, the top 10 myths about ROI, interpreting data, presenting findings and more. More details to be posted soon.