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2010 UnTrends in Engagement

Now that I have had a chance to assimilate all the 2010 predictions made by all the self-proclaimed pundits, I thought it would be interesting to weigh in on what won’t happen in 2010.

Predictions for What Won’t Happen in 2010

1.     Engagement will prove to be a fad.

Far from it, more and more companies will not only measure engagement but learn new and innovative ways to improve it. In addition, the smartest companies will learn how to apply similar solutions to distribution partners, customers and yes, even suppliers.

2.     Employers will ignore the current decline in engagement measures.

On the contrary, an economy that stabilizes and improves will create an environment where employees will say enough and move on unless the work culture becomes win-win.

3.     Collaboration across functional silos will decline.

Just the opposite, the trend towards collaboration among HR, sales, marketing and operations will demonstrate excellent value and leadership will pay more attention to the continuous effort needed to break down walls and unite functional silos in purpose and action.

4.     Face-to-face meetings will continue to decline in use.

People still do business with people and deferred spending in this area will have its price, a price that will be increasingly difficult to ignore.

5.     Virtual events and meetings will prove to be an interesting experiment but generally ineffective.

The truth, in my opinion, is that the continued advancement in technology and the experimentation that has taken place will prove that meeting virtually can be effective, when objectives are properly matched with the right tool.

6.     The use of group travel for incentives will continue its decline.

I believe that barring any additional monkey-piling from our friends in Washington, incentive travel will grow in usage for one primary reason, it works.

7.     Credible results measurement will prove to be a fad.

When used properly, the insight gained from measuring results of people performance initiatives will drive evidence-based continuous improvement.

8.     Corporate social responsibility will decline in importance.

To the contrary, I think that there is a new paradigm for meetings, events, and incentives. Management gets it and target audiences will expect it.

9.     We’ll all learn how to properly say 2010.

There may be a chance here though. Say it with me, twenty ten.