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Employee Engagement and the Service-Profit Chain

New Research underscores the importance of “engaging employees” in their jobs and companies as a way to foster high productivity, high morale and excellent customer service. Increasingly, companies are innovating on the traditional employee opinion survey and moving beyond simple measurement of employee satisfaction. More than ever, companies are measuring the extent to which employees are “engaged” as the best indicator of employee health.
This report by Best Practices, LLC uncovers best practices in identifying and improving drivers that are proving most effective in engaging employees in their jobs, their companies and their work groups.

Specifically, this 79 page report links successful employee engagement to increased levels of productivity and examines through case studies what practices worked for companies who have turned employee indifference into successful engagement. Tactics described in this report will help your company achieve higher levels of engagement through effective performance management.

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Employee Engagement and the Service-Profit ChainEmployee Engagement and the Service-Profit Chain