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Mad as Hell!

I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore.

I am mad at users of meetings, events, incentives and reward and recognition programs for accepting poorly designed programs and failing to measure results.  I am mad at the media for their feeding frenzy of the last 12 months, pointing fingers and tearing the stuffing out of our industry. I am madder yet at Washington for piling on. Shot in the knee by our own elected representatives we have been!

Lastly, I’m mad at our industry for making us vulnerable and contributing to the perfect storm that has engulfed us. We have too often sold all the stuff, hotel rooms and airline seats we could. The storm has resulted in the condemnation of our industry by the general public and the cancellation of literally billions of dollars of programs. Thousands upon thousands have lost jobs as a result. The industry staggers and our clients, in many cases, are staggering as well. Think about it. They have pulled the plug on the very activities that were creating levels of engagement that drove business results.

Enough is enough.  Our industry and virtually every economic indicator is down and I don’t like it.

In fact, I’ve decided we’re going to do something about it.