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Motivation Show 2009 – To Meet Or Not To Meet

Todd Hanson, President & Founder, Catalyst Performance Group, Inc. and Michael Sengstock, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Clark National presented “To Meet or Not To Meet” at the 2009 Motivation show on September 30th.

This session answered the why’s and how’s of effective strategic design and illustrated the power of credible results measurement for meetings, events and incentives. Participants learned to use an approach that is effective with stockholders, employees, other key stakeholders and the media. Delivering measurable results answers the questions around your program’s survival, and, often, your organization’s success. Participants took away tactics and best practices to:

  • Design incentives and meetings intelligently
  • Measure results credibly, including deliverable and believable ROI
  • Justify past and defend current programs
  • Successfully gain support for new programs

2009 Motivation Show:
To Meet or Not To Meet