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ROI of Engagement Summit


RegisterNowButton.jpgTuesday, October 12, 2010
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Central Time)

McCormick Place Chicago – West Building
2301 S. Indiana Avenue
W475B, Level 4, McCormick West
Chicago, Illinois 60616

“Real Results in the Real World”

“Our CFO wanted to know why we continue to run our engagement programs for channel partners. We proved it paid us two dollars for every dollar invested in just six months… and we gained insight on how to make them even better.”
Director of Sales, Allsante Insurance

“I decided to cancel my national meeting because I couldn’t afford to run it… until I measured the ROI and I discovered I couldn’t afford not to.”
Former CEO, Clark National

“We weren’t sure of the impact our summit had, especially with virtual attendees. Now I know how successful it was and have gained powerful insight to make it really hum.”
Executive Director, Virtual Edge Institute

“If it (measuring the impact of engagement) was easy, we wouldn’t need the ROI of Engagement Team. I think companies ought to pay attention to what you are teaching.”
Don Peppers, Peppers and Rogers Group

Session Description

Do investments in engagement programs really drive performance? Can measurable results be proven? Can we confidently measure ROI and use the findings to defend and justify programs? The answer is a resounding yes. Through the use of the widely accepted ROI MethodologyTM, leadership can manage investments in people wisely, drive continuous improvement and confidently offer transparency and accountability when necessary.

Billions are spent to improve engagement and enhance performance of people with incentives, rewards, recognition, loyalty programs, meetings and events. Ironically, few companies measure the results, let alone ROI. Until now.

The ROI of Engagement Summit reveals:

How to successfully measure ROI of engagement programs using a proven and credible methodology.

  • Strategies to deploy an enterprise-wide discipline of results measurement.
  • Powerful continuous improvement principals in action with real life ROI case studies.
  • Strategies to initiate change and implement best practices to maximize impact of engagement programs.

Who Should Attend?

This summit is for executives and managers who direct investments of programs designed to improve engagement and who want to assure maximum impact. Participation for the in-person audience is limited to 50.

What You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Accurately measure the results of engagement programs at five different levels including ROI using the world’s most recognized methodology.
  • Leverage powerful new technology to save time and money in data collection.
  • Translate data into insight, and insight into a meaningful action plan.
  • Implement an action plan to save money, reduce expenses and create new profits.
  • Real World Case Studies

Learn how companies harnessed the power of results measurement for the Allsante Insurance Agent Encounter, Virtual Edge Summit. Clark National Sales Meeting and others in development.


  • Donald Hindman, former CEO of Clark National
  • Michael Doyle, Executive Director, Virtual Edge Institute
  • Allan Schweyer, Chairman, Enterprise Engagement Alliance
  • Peter O’Connell, CEO, Gaelstorm Software Solutions
  • Todd Hanson, President and Founder ROI of Engagement

Presented by

ROI of Engagement in cooperation with Virtual Edge Institute, SenseiROI, The Motivation Show and Gaelstorm Software Solutions